چشم دل by Morteza Hannaneh coming soon

Next release on Collapsing Market is by the Iranian composer and co-founder Cyrus’ grandfather, Morteza Hannaneh.

Interview + exclusive stream on Inverted Audio.

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CLPM_R 001 announced on Juno Plus

Co-founder of Collapsing Market Louis Vial is about to release his first solo EP under the Eszaid alias.
The four-track EP will be out on Collapsing Market as our first vinyl release.

If you want to read more on Juno Plus, follow the link below :

Collapsing Market moves from tape to vinyl

Teaser for CLPM004

Teaser for CLPM004 starring Sidney & Suleiman, founders of Latency Recordings.

Video by Ethan Assouline.

Watch it by following the link below.

CLPM 004 teaser

Teaser for CLPM003

Teaser for CLPM003 starring Nick Craddock, finest london-based Dj.

Video by Ethan Assouline.

Watch it by following the link below.

CLPM 003 teaser

Teaser for CLPM002

Teaser for CLPM002 featuring Leif and Joe Ellis from Untilmyheartstops.

Video by Ethan Assouline.

Watch it by following the link below.

CLPM002 Teaser

Collapsing Market Night #2 w/ Dor @ Le Malibv

We’re very proud ton announce that Dor will be our guest for the second Collapsing Market Night at Le Malibv, Paris.

Saturday 8th of November : save the date !

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Dor on Soundcloud

Listen to our mix for The Drone

Hi there !

Follow the link below and listen to our one hour and twenty minutes’ Dronecast.


Collapsing Market Night @ Malibv w / Andrew Lyster and Sidney & Suleiman, 28|06|14

We’ll celebrate the release of the first CLPM tape with Andrew Lyster and our friends from Latency recordings.
Come and dance all night long if you’re in Paris.

facebook event

A few words with Andrew Lyster

What’s your first musical memory ?

Apparently I used to stand in the middle of my lounge and tap my foot to the Thomas the Tank Engine theme tune… Maybe the first signs of my brain figuring out a rhythm.

What’s your first djing memory ?

I had a few gigs in local bars in Hazel Grove near to where I’m from. Mostly playing chilled un-offensive deep house to drunk Saturday night crowds that wanted to listen to something else.

What’s your most outstanding party memory ?

Freerotation 2008. There was a really healthy balance of locals and people who had travelled especially for the event, with a 3rd of the crowd probably being the artists playing. Lawrence walking around the dancefllor handing out promo’s of his new Sten album, Portable/Bodycode liveset, Soulphiction live, Freund der Familie live, Mala, Andy Stott… I’m not the best camper but I took away a lot of special memories from that weekend. It’s still probably the best festival in the world, people can complain about the exclusivity, but the whole point of it is its intimacy and the unique crowd of people it has, which could be compromised if it didn’t have a well thought out ticketing system.

The Meandyou. events back in 08/09 were very special as well. It was the beginnings of some long-standing friendships for us with people like Move D, the Workshop crew and plenty of others.

What was the first record you bought ?

The earliest one I can lay claim to is probably No Strings Attached by The Barry Grey Orchestra but that was more of a present. My first purchase was probably Michael Jackson’s Scream single and Off the Wall album from Woolworths. Around 1997/98 I bought Daft Punk’s Homework which would be on repeat whilst playing endurance races on Gran Turismo.

On what are you working currently ?

The next Meandyou. record will be out in July, another various EP featuring Aatropa & Tephillin, Fabric, Herron & Metropolis.

We have a party coming up in Manchester on the July 25th with TTT bossman Will Bankhead and the mysterious Rezzett performing Live.


CLPM_R003 : چشم دل (Tchashm-e-del) : Morteza Hannaneh
Release date : 12/06/17
Length : LP
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All tracks by Morteza Hannaneh
Ghazal by Hatef Esfehani
Vocals by Bahram Goudarzi, Esfandiar Gharebaghi,
Mohamad Moussavi, Parichehr Behravan and Hamid Ameli.

Mastered by Alexis Rodriguez Cancino
Designed by Thomas Jeppe and Manuel Bürger
Distributed by Boomkat

Listen on Soundcloud

CLPM006 : All Of Them Witches : Eszaid
Release date : 07/12/16
Length : C40
50 limited copies
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Artwork by Camille Pogu.
Graphic design by Claire Barrow.

Listen and buy on Bandcamp (digital and tape).

CLPM_R002 : ₦₦₦ EP : Norin
Release date : 18/09/16
Length : 12"
300 limited copies
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Norin, frontman of the synth pop band Lust for Youth and responsible of two mind-blowing EP’s on the Danish imprint Posh Isolation, combined some raw and minimal inspirations

for this new essay on Collapsing Market. From avant-techno to noise and dark ambient, Norin delivers with ₦₦₦ a resolutely modern and hybrid 4 tracks EP which confirms his very own sound and singularity.

Artwork by Pan Thera.

Listen to the snippets on Soundcloud.

CLPM005 : Restive Plaggona - Rojava's Model
Release date : 29|06|16
Length : C40

Outstanding fourty minutes long essay by the Greek newcomer Restive Plaggona. Ten powerful dark ambient pieces with some scraps of techno pulsation.

Some words (in french) and complete stream here.

CLPM_7.001 : buttechno
Release date : 01|04|16
Length : Length : 7"
Limited to 250 copies

Outstanding EP by the Russian artist Buttechno.
Contains 3 untitled and powerful tracks from deep raw techno to wild breakbeat and ambient.
Perfect way to launch our 7″ serie.

Listen to the previews on soundcloud.

CLPM004 : Sidney & Suleiman
Release date : 21|12|15
Length : Length : C90
100 limited copies with download code

Brilliant ambient, abstract and wavy mix by our friends and musical sidekicks from Latency Recordings, Sidney and Suleiman.

Artwork by WZLF.

CLPM_R001 : €€€ EP : ESZAID
Release date : 00|00|00
Length : Length : Four-tracks EP.
500 copies with reflective silver sleeve and obi.

After putting out three excellent mixtapes (from Andrew Lyster, Leif & Joe Ellis and Nick Craddock respectively), Collapsing Market are now ready to release their first record. Eszaid (aka Louis Vial, one half of Mura Oka) inaugurates the imprint with four foreboding & gloomy trips that traverse through techno’s darker shades into haunting ambient. Louis Vial merges slow drum patterns with foggy textures and sparse arrangements, reminiscent of early Kassem Mosse material. This is an incredibly affecting and mature first EP from the young producer who launches the label in the best way possible…

Words by Kristina Records, London.

Listen to the €€€ EP previews on Soundcloud.

CLPM002 : UntilMyHeartStops
Release date : 14|01|15
Length : Length : C90
100 limited copies with download code

The two brains behind brilliant UntilMyHeartStops record label (just listen to latest Steevio or Joey Anderson releases to realize how brilliant it is), aka Leif and Joe Ellis, are bringing here a modern and sometimes strange outlook of their up-market musical tastes.
A-side is Leif. It starts with an ambient and glitched atmosphere, and then leads us to more organic and rhythmic notes.
B-side is Joe. It seems to be an ode to the old-school way of making tapes, with a bunch of mysterious tracks from various styles.
If you’d have had a weird and melomaniac brother in the 90’s, his homemade mixtapes would obviously have sounded like this one.

CLPM001 : Andrew Lyster
Release date : 01|06|14
Length : Length : C90
100 limited copies with download code
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The co-founder and designer of the Manchester-based Meandyou collective offers a deep trip into his electronic music eclectic tastes. Ambient-dub excursions, acid reminiscences, dirty 909 patterns or fine melodic electronica, each track here is a precious nugget in the service of the whole mix. Be ready to push the rewind button again and again.


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CLPM_R002 (10€) : NORIN - ₦₦₦ EP
CLPM006 (8€) : Eszaid - All Of Them Witches
CLPM005 (8€) : Restive Plaggona - Rojava's Model
CLPM_7.001 (sold out) : buttechno
CLPM004 (sold out) : Sidney & Suleiman
CLPM003 (sold out) : Nick Craddock
CLPM002 (sold out) : UntilMyHeartStops
CLPM001 (SOLD OUT) : Andrew Lyster


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